Preservation Plan

Chattahoochee River Line Preservation Plan

Funded by a grant from the National Park Service, the Chattahoochee River Line Preservation Plan  is complete!  Click here to download the plan (it is a large document and may take time to load; please be patient!)
While the entire battlefield from Mableton to Vinings is included in this study, a particular focus is on two tracts owned by Cobb County: a 103-acre parcel between Discovery Boulevard and the Chattahoochee River and 24 acres on Henderson Road. Both parcels contain extensive fortifications built by the Confederate and Union forces during the 1864 Atlanta Campaign.  $1 million for development of the Discovery Tract will be available through the 2016 Cobb County Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax.
The Preservation Plan details the protected and unprotected parcels that contain historic assets, primarily fortifications, and makes recommendations for property acquisition, conservation easements and other preservation strategies.  Introductory chapters of the Plan explain the historic context of the Battlefield and later chapters explore the ways in which the area might be interpreted in order to best serve area residents as passive parks and attract tourists interested in both recreation and Civil War history.
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