Livable Centers Initiative

Livable Centers Initiatives

Mableton Smart Code: In June of 2010, Cobb County invited the community to participate in a week -long planning session to re-envision downtown Mableton. The result was the Mableton Smart Code, which sets design and use standards that create certainty for developers and an attractive, walkable community for residents. To learn more, visit the Cobb County Community Development website.
The Historic Mableton LCI is an effort to revitalize the old town area by promoting redevelopment and encouraging the creation of multi-generational communities. This is an area originally bounded by Clay Road, Floyd Road, Veterans Memorial Highway and Daniel Street extended south along property lines that follow the historic street grid lines south to Veterans Memorial. In 2008, an Atlanta Regional Commission-hosted charrette studied 58 acres north of Clay Road surrounding the post office, and that area was added to the original LCI district in the Cobb County Five-year LCI Update. For more information about the Historic Mableton LCI, contact Dana Johnson, Cobb County’s Planning Director.
The Veterans Memorial Livable Centers Initiative is a joint effort between the City of Atlanta Bureau of Planning and the Cobb County Department of Transportation. The Livable Centers Initiative grant covers the Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway and Veterans Memorial Highway corridor. The Final report, which was approved by the Cobb County Board of Commissioners, contains wide-ranging recommendations – from trails along the River to traffic lights on Veteran’s Memorial at Buckner Road and Riverview Road. The purpose of the study was to develop strategies that encourage redevelopment into vibrant mixed-use centers; to protect existing industrial uses; to provide opportunities for housing, services, amenities and jobs; to improve mobility within the corridor and to minimize potential land use conflict with industrial uses and truck traffic.
To see the final report, click here.