Corporate Sponsorship

The Mableton Improvement Coalition welcomes sponsorship from quality and civic minded businesses and organizations operating within our community. This program offers the opportunity for a business or organization to receive publicity through those means used by MIC such as its e-newsletter, written publications and mention at our public meetings. The sponsorship program is for one year program with annual renewal.  The fee for participation in this program is $ 100.

A current or new corporate sponsor who submits a zoning or variance application on which MIC has taken a position of said application will be refunded the sponsorship fee and the company will not be eligible to be a corporate sponsor until at least one year has passed since a final decision of the zoning or variance has been rendered by the County.

There are two ways to sign up:

  • Use the Online Form Below
  • Print and mail the one (1) page MIC Corporate Sponsorship form along with your check for $100. to the Mableton Improvement Coalition, P.O. Box 491, Mableton, GA 30126. Please make the check payable to “Mableton Improvement Coalition” and add “corporate sponsor” to the Memo line of the check.

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Company Name

If a business or organization has a logo that it wishes to use, it can send along that same logo in .jpg or .png format to sponsor@mableton.org. It is a not a requirement of the program that it have a corporate logo; rather MIC simply wishes to honor the time and commitment of the organization if it has created a logo and use it in our materials.

MIC is involved in a number of projects in the Mableton community, including but not limited to, the Community Gardens to Zoning to Economic Development to Adopt A Mile to working with local schools in Mableton. By participating in this program, those businesses or organizations provide a valuable means of financial support to MIC and the work that it strives to do within the entire Mableton community.

If you have questions about this program which are not explained here, please feel free to contact us at sponsor@mableton.org.

Thanks to our current sponsors – and sponsors to come – for their support….

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